Shutter: a multifunctional scheduling utility

Shutter is a multifunctional scheduling utility, which has a user friendly and easy-to-use interface and supports many different Events and Actions. Available events: Countdown, On Time, Winamp Stops, CPU Usage, Network Usage, Hard Disk Usage, User Inactive, Battery Low, Window, Process, Ping Stops, File Size Limit, Lid. Available actions: Shutdown, Reboot, Log Off, Lock Workstation,
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Shutdown or suspend your Windows PC remotely

Switch Off is a free lightweight easy-to-use tray-based system utility that could automatically shutdown, suspend or hibernate your system. Build-in operation set could be easily extended by adding your own scripts. Automation options allows you to schedule all operations daily, weekly, past specified time or when PC becomes idle. Simple password protected Web interface allows
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UwAmp: Wamp server

UwAmp is a WAMP server that integrates user-friendly tools for helping you manage Apache and MySQL servers easier. Since installation is not a prerequisite, you can drop the program files to any location on the hard disk and just click the executable to run. It is also possible to save UwAmp to a USB flash
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Icecream Ebook Reader

Icecream Ebook Reader Is a free tool made specifically for Windows 7 or 8 desktop users to enjoy reading books in ePub format. You can not only read but use it as your personal library to manage all your book collections. This program also features the ability to turn pages, use bookmarks, search your library,
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