Symfony: doctrine debug

Lazy load proxies always contain an instance of Doctrine’s EntityManager and all its dependencies. Therefore a var_dump() will possibly dump a very large recursive structure which is impossible to render and read. You have to use Doctrine\Common\Util\Debug::dump() to restrict the dumping to a human readable level. Additionally you should be aware that dumping the EntityManager
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Doctrine: StofDoctrineExtensionsBundle

The StofDoctrineExtensionsBundle bundle provides integration for DoctrineExtensions in your Symfony2 Project. The StofDoctrineExtensionBundle is actually just a wrapper around another library called DoctrineExtensions. For the installation of the StofDoctrineExtensionsBundle go here. DoctrineExtensions contains extensions for Doctrine2 that hook into the facilities of Doctrine and offer new functionality or tools to use Doctrine2 more efficiently. Timestampable
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Symfony: SoftDeleteable behavior extension for Doctrine 2

SoftDeleteable behavior allows to soft delete objects, filtering them at SELECT time by marking them as with a timestamp, but not explicitly removing them from the database. This is part of the Doctrine Gedmo Extension. Gedmo SoftDeletable Doctrine Entities with Unique Index Columns:

Doctrine filters

Doctrine features a filter system that allows the developer to add SQL to the conditional clauses of queries, regardless the place where the SQL is generated. The filter functionality works on SQL level. Each time the system iterates over all the enabled filters, adding a new SQL part as a filter returns. By adding SQL
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