Android: install for Eclipse

First your need to install ADT (Android Developer Tools). Unpack the ZIP file (named adt-bundle-<os_platform>.zip) and save it to an appropriate location, such as a “Development” directory in your home directory Open the adt-bundle-<os_platform>/eclipse/ directory and launch eclipse ADT (Android Developer Tools) is a plugin for Eclipse that provides a suite of tools that are
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AndroVM: running Android in a Virtual Machine

When comparing Android development to iOS development, there was always one thing with iOS that stuck out as being much better and faster and this was their device emulators (Apple calls them simulators).  The Android emulator for ARM is so slow.  AndroVM is Android that runs as a virtual machine.  It is an open source
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Overclock SIII

Download STweaks. Reboot your device into custom Recovery Mode by powering it off, then holding down the volume up, Home and power buttons. Choose ‘install zip from internal storage’ and use the volume buttons to navigate to the zip. Press the Home button to start installing.Once completed, reboot your device. In your app drawer  you
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TouchPal Input Suite

TouchPal Input Suite delivers an entirely new input experience to smartphones. You can simply blind type on your touchscreen, no longer worrying about mistyping or misspelling. As a result, you’ll find yourself typing 60% fewer keystrokes thanks to TouchPal’s next-generation prediction engine. TouchPal Input Suite includes the following products: TouchPal Input TouchPal Curve Input; TouchPal
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