How-to: compile XBMC for Xbox from source code


  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2003 (Compiler and IDE) Note: VC 2005 or later is not compatible with XDK
  • Microsoft XDK (XBox Development Kit) Note: If you installed Service Pack 1 for Visual Studio (or otherwise modified the installed files), you need to run the XDK setup with the /s flag
  • TortoiseSVN

XBMC source code is in C/C++, Assembly and DirectX programming-language. XBMC require XDK 5778 or 5849 (5933 is reported to work, but is not supported) and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 7.1 (2003).

Getting Source

  • Install TortoiseSVN
  • Right click in a directory and click “SVN Checkout”
  • Enter URL of repository: in the dialogue window. (Note this will only download main XBMC trunk. If you also want source documentation and mplayer source, omit the last “/XBMC”)
  • Click ok and wait for all the source tree to download. (Expect a 250-300 MB download the first time you checkout!)

Building XBMC

Building with build.bat is a very simple process.

  • Double click on build.bat to run the automated build process
  • The process will create a BUILD directory with your new XBMC build inside

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