Optimization of JPEG images

If you have a lot of jpeg images on a webpage it can take a while for all images are loaded. Almost all digital cameras store by default EXIF data in the pictures taken with them. This data include information about the camera configuration and conditions at the time of the photo shot. This information usually takes a lot of space, so make sure that saving this data is disabled in your graphical application when optimizing JPEG files (e.g.: in a test, an 800×600 JPEG picture saved at 75% quality was reduced from 114 KB to 51 KB after stripping the EXIF information).

You could use command-line tool Imagemagick to do that. Just run ‘sudo apt-get install imagemagick’ if you don’t already have it.

‘mogrify -strip image.jpg’ will remove EXIF data from a single jpg image.

..or you could use ‘mogrify -strip *.jpg’ to process all jpg images in the current directory.

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