IE7Pro: add-on for Internet Explorer

IE7Pro is an add-on to Internet Explorer 6, 7, and 8 (currently being developed) that aims to enhance the feature set provided by the browser.


IE7Pro is developed in a componentized and modular fashion. Each feature has its own ‘module.’ Modules can be enabled or disabled, allowing for using to use only the feature they want. IE7Pro contains the following modules:

  • Core Functions – Contains the core functions of IEPro
  • Ad & Flash Blocker – Blocks all forms of advertising
  • Scripts & Plugins – The basic framework for userscripts and plugins
  • Spell Check – Performs spelling checks on all text inside Internet Explorer user-input forms. It uses dictionaries
  • Auto Form Filter – Automatically fills in forms and passwords
  • Mini Download Manager (MiniDM) – Serves as a lightweight download manager
  • Privacy Cleaner – Can be configured to automatically clear browser history, temporary internet files, cookies
  • Online Service – Software + Services feature, allows users to have their bookmarks uploaded into the cloud
  • Inline Search – Allows users to search the current web page for a word or phrase
  • Single IE instance – Limites Windows to only allow one IE process at a time, thus the name of the module
  • Other Features – Other features include mouse gestures, super drag & drop, saving web pages, crash recovery, and a text saver

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