Outlook: mailmerge with a different from address

Normally a mailmerge is performed with your own email address. To get a different from address in the merged mails, you have to perform the following steps:

  1. Go to tools, email accounts, click add a new account and click next
  2. Select IMAP as the server type, and click next
  3. In User information fill in the name and email address that the recipients will see in the ‘from:’ field
  4. In Logon information fill in the user name and password for the Exchange account that you will be using for the mailmerge
  5. In Server Information fill in your’re exhange servername for both fields
  6. Now click ‘More Settings’, and go to the tab Outgoing Server. Check the ‘My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication’ box, and click ‘ok’.
  7. Now click next on the ‘internet e-mail settings (IMAP) screen.
  8. Click finish.
  9. Ignore any errors about IMAP not being able to connect.
  10. Go back to tools, email accounts, but leave the default (view or change existing e-mail accounts) on and click next.
  11. Select your newly added exchange IMAP/SMTP account, and click ‘Set as default’
  12. Perform the mailmerge
  13. When the mailmerge is done, be sure to set the default back to the original value of ‘Microsoft Exchange Server Exchange’

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