Roadsend PHP: compile native binaries

Roadsend PHP is a free, open source implementation of the PHP language. It includes a compiler that produces native binaries. Roadsend Compiler can build online web applications with Fast/CGI, offline web applications with an embedded web server (MicroServer), desktop GUI applications with PHP-GTK, and console applications. Roadsend PHP supports native compilation on 32 bit x86 and 64 bit amd64 architectures. Since version 2.9.3, Roadsend PHP is compatible with PHP 5.2.x (ZendEngine 2.x).

Roadsend PHP
Roadsend PHP

Applications compiled with the Roadsend Compiler do not require Zend or any other interpreter to execute. Roadsend is not affiliated with Zend or the PHP Group and does not share the same code base as their PHP implementation. Roadsend PHP is an entirely new implementation of PHP that is syntactically and semantically compatible with PHP Group’s PHP 5.2.x and the Zend Engine 2.

The compiling of a PHP application with the Roadsend Compiler is much the same as compiling a C file to binary format. The program goes through a process that converts the plain text source into a binary format that is suitable for the processor to execute, and which is extremely hard to decompile back to any sort of high level programming language.

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