Executor: a multi purpose launcher

Executor is a multi purpose launcher and a more advanced and customizable version of windows run.


Some features:

  • Keywords have properties like shortcuts, and you can for example drag-drop a shortcut / file / folder / favorite to add it as a keyword
  • Auto-completion for keywords, file system and history
  • Url detection, Enter URLs directly
  • Optionally and dynamically add matching start-menu items, control panel items
  • Optional show icon for current keyword/input.
  • Optional show drop-down box for current keyword/input (auto-completion).
  • Layout can be customized. Set colors, font, dimensions, position, transparency and more
  • Skinable. Supporting alpha blending effects and free positioning of all elements
  • Each keyword can be assigned a hotkey
  • One keyword or text input can start multiple keywords / urls / programs / documents / files etc.

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