Domoticz: Kodi

Your Kodi media Player must be configured to allow control by remote programs to work with Domoticz. Go to Allow Remote Control. Set Allow programs on other systems to control Kodi. This enables programs on any system to control Kodi via the webserver/EventServer/JSON-RPC API.

Add the Kodi Media Player via the Hardware page under Settings using Type Kodi Media Server. Data Timeout Disabled. Poll interval controls how often Domoticz will attempt to reconnect to a Kodi that it has lost contact with. Set this to 10 seonds.

Ping timeout controls how many missed pings (sent once per Poll Interval) can be missed before a Kodi is consider ‘Off’. For backwards compatibility, if the number specified is greater than 1000 it will be divided by 1000. Recommended value is 2 or 3.

he port specified needs to match the port confingured on the Kodi itself. Unless you have explicitly made port changes to your Kodi as described below, just use the default 9090 port number. Once you have saved your changes check the log and you should see something similar to this: 2015-09-25 09:44:44.962 Kodi: (Lounge) Connected.