GroundWork Monitor Community Edition

GroundWork Monitor Community Edition (GMCE) is a free edition of GroundWork Monitor Enterprise. Free editions often have some limited functionality, but GMCE offers the visibility a small- to medium-sized network needs by harnessing the power of popular tools such as Nagios, MRTG, NeDi, Ganglia, Nmap, MySQL, and RRDtool.


The Community Edition supports only basic monitoring, discovery, and Nagios reporting. To get its other reporting capabilities to work you must spend some time integrating and customizing services such as Cacti and other graphical reporting services. By contrast, the commercial Professional and Enterprise editions have integrated reporting tools that you can use to generate different types of reports and analyses, and they support more devices.

The Community Edition has the following features:

  • Easy to install wizard to help optimize the monitoring performance
  • Availability monitoring to alert if devices are up or not
  • Ability to monitor servers, devices and applications which gives you the flexibility to monitor all of the integral components within your network
  • Performance monitoring to give insight on latency before a server is offline
  • Basic auto-discovery and configuration tools to help identify additional devices on the network which is a great time-saving function if your network is constantly changing
  • Built on the same open-architecture as GroundWork Monitor Professional and Enterprise, Community Edition is easy to integrate and customize

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