CactiEZ: simplifying Cacti installs

CactiEZ is the fastest possible way to get up and running with Cacti. CactiEZ is an auto-installing CD based on CentOS 4.X. The disk is a completely remastered CD (from the 4 CD version, not the Server CD) and stripped down to the bare essentials (no GUI). The CD weighs in at roughly 355 Megs, and installed is roughly 855 Megs. At only 305 packages, it still includes a preconfigured firewall (only allowing http, https, ssh, netflow, webmin, and remote Syslog).

Everything is preconfigured and completely working after the initial install. This all requires zero input from the user except inserting the CD. This should make it very easy for anyone to test out Cacti, or to even deploy Cacti in their enviroment without the hassles that come with configuring Cacti and the services that it requires.

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