WPBook: embed WordPress blog into Facebook

WPBook enables users to add your (self-hosted, not wordpress.com) wordpress blog as a Facebook application. Facebook users will see your posts in a Facebook look and feel, and can leave comments with their Facebook identity. Comments are shared – meaning comments made by users on your blog at its regular domain and comments made by users inside Facebook are all shown to users of either “view” of your content.

Facebook users can also add a profile tab to a Facebook page, using the “add profile tab” button at the top of the default canvas page.  WPBook also post notifications automatically to your wall, or the wall of pages for which you are an admin, to which you’ve added the app, and for which you’ve granted stream publish permission, when you write a new post.

Finally, WPBook can also import comments made on your wall (or the wall of a Fan page) in response to excerpts it has posted, and show those in your WordPress blog as full comments.

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