Linux: Shutter – Feature-rich screenshot program

Shutter is feature-filled without being difficult to use. It’s designed extremely well, offering an easy way to take screenshots of the entire screen, a region of the screen, a specific window, or even a web site with the click of a button. You can annotate and crop it with its built-in editor, and share it to a few external services. The options menu is chock full of tweaks you can make to get it working exactly how you want, if you’re so inclined.

To configure Shutter as the default tool to take screenshots with when you press PrtSc or Alt+PrtSc, here’s what you need to do:

In Cinnamon, Linux Mint 17.1, proceed as follow:

  • Click your system menu, and type Keyboard. Open the Keyboard setting applet
  • Select the Keyboard shortcuts tab, then “Custom Shortcuts”
  • Click “Add custom shortcut”. Name it as you wish, and in Command, type your preferred shutter command (I use shutter -s)
  • Click “Add”
  • Select your newly created shortcut in the “*Keyboard shortcuts” zones
  • Double-click the first “unassigned” field in the “Keyboard bindings” zone. It says then “Pick an accelerator”. Type your “Print Screen” key. You will get a warning saying that the “Print” key is already bound to the “Create shortcut” action. Confirm you want to replace it

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