Geo targeting with GeoIP

MaxMind’s GeoIP is a non-invasive IP Intelligence databases which can provide you with valuable knowledge about your Internet visitors in real-time. MaxMind offers numerous open source APIs, which are optimized for speed, memory usage, and database size. All APIs work with GeoIP Country. Selected APIs work with GeoIP Region, City, ISP, and Organization as well.

To use the GeoIP API, you must have one of the GeoIP databases. MaxMind has a wide range of databases to choose from like the free GeoLite Country database. Whith the GeoIP API you can extract Country, Capital, State/Region, City, Area code, Metro code, PIN code, Currency, Calling Code, Current Conversion rate (with USD), Local Time, Current Weather, Latitude, Longitude and more information just from the IP address.

Once you’ve got the database of choice and the GeoIP API for the programming language you’re using, all you have to do is make the correct API call and you’ve got the information you need.

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