StatusNet: microblogging platform

StatusNet is an open source microblogging platform. The StatusNet platform enables communities, brands and organizations to incorporate micro messaging into their own web domain. StatusNet’s plug-in architecture provides a feature-rich platform with functionality that you control. Flexible and customizable, StatusNet delivers a micro messaging solution that helps you maintain brand identity and a unique user experience.

During installation (Ubuntu) a warning “Cannot load required extension: curl” appeared. Curl was installed but not PHP Curl. So after installing php5-curl (apt-get install php5-curl) and a restart of Apache the message was gone. I also red that the PHP Tidy extension is necessary (apt-get install php5-tidy). I didn’t get a warning, so probable it was already installed. There is also a bug in version 0.9.6: statusnet Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘;’ in /var/www/statusnet/actions/newgroup.php on line 150. This is very easy to solve.

StatusNet has an Add-Ons Directory on the StatusNet main website. With translations of the software into many languages, Add-Ons – themes, plugins and applications – which have been created for free usage.

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