JumpBox: Virtual Appliances and Applications for Cloud Computing

A JumpBox is a “ready-to-use” virtual machine that will run in minutes on any computing environment that supports virtualization. A single download is compatible with all major forms of virtualization like VMware, Parallels, Microsoft, Xen Open Source, VirtualBox and Amazon EC2.  The JumpBox library contains more than fifty-five different applications spanning all major product categories.

Once deployed a JumpBox delivers a fully-functional instance of an application that you can start using right away. You can think of it like a “frozen TV dinner” that just needs to be “cooked” with virtualization. We take care of all the complex “meal preparation.” Whether you’re downloading JumpBoxes to run locally or launching them in the cloud, they share the same two-minute deployment experience. Because JumpBoxes are isolated and self-contained you can realize the same efficiency of serving multiple apps from the same machine while avoiding the pitfalls of knotted applications.

Every JumpBox ships with the ability to enable SSH and gain root privileges to the OS. Keep as much or as little involvement with the inner workings as you like but rest assured that root-equivalent access is there if you need it.

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